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[14 Oct 2009 | ]

Timing is more important for IUI than it is for intercourse. The reason is that, during intercourse, sperm travels through the cervical canal. There are glands and mucous in the cervix that sustains the sperm and acts as a reservoir that releases sperm into the uterus slowly over several days.
During an intrauterine insemination, the sperm are released into the uterus. The sperm do not remain viable for as long a period of time. Consequently, the sperm must be inseminated close to the time of ovulation.
One method to time an IUI …

Artificial insemination, IVF procedure »

[13 Oct 2009 | ]

The embryo replacement (embryo transfer) procedure is quite simple and usually pain free. It may cause minimal discomfort and no anesthetic is used, although some women may need sedation or occasionally a general anesthetic. The male partner is usually invited to attend the procedure. The couple may also be able to view the embryos through a monitor before the embryos are replaced.
Some couples are concerned that their eggs, sperm or embryos may mix up with that of other couples. The probability of this happening in a good centre is very …