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[14 Oct 2009 | ]

Risks of IVF-ICSI include general risks of IVF as well as the specific risks related to the micromanipulation procedure of ICSI. One of the most significant risks associated with stimulation of the ovaries is the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This can manifest as massive ovarian enlargement, peritoneal irritation due to follicular rupture or hemorrhage, ovarian torsion, ascites, pleural effusion, oliguria, electrolyte imbalance, hypercoagulability3l I and sometimes death36 . The syndrome occurs in a moderate form for 3-4% percent of initiated cycles, and in a severe form for 0. 1-0.2 % …

Artificial insemination, GIFT procedure »

[14 Oct 2009 | ]

Male. Male patients with a low sperm count have poor chances to impregnate their partners by natural means. While insemination can improve these chances, if changes in the quality of sperm are severe, the G.I.F.T. procedure may be the best answer to the problem. As research in this area improves, success in the treatment of male infertility will be significantly improved. Right now, the success rate of G.I.F.T. procedures is significantly higher than that of conception of other means (IVF/ET or vaginal/cervical/intrauterine insemination).
Female. Women play a major role during conception. …